Thursday, June 28, 2007


Adding a screen picture to your blog

  • Look for the PRINT SCREEN button. It's normally placed after the F12 button at the top of the keyboard. When you press the print screen button your screen will be copied. Then go to PAINT in your computer and press Ctrl V to paste what you have copied. Save it to your images as . JPG or .JPEG. Go to your post and click on the "landscape button"to insert an image. Follow the same steps described in lesson 1 for adding pictures to your blog.

Adding videos to your blog

  • You can find interesting videos in YOUTUBE , Google videos and in ESL videos . Once you have chosen the video you want to post in your blog, just look for the EMBED code (HTML) and copy and paste it. I did that with the video "What's a blog?" above.

Adding a chatbox

  • The chatbox is a space where people can easily leave you comments and it's placed in the sidebar of the blog. Have a look at the chatbox on the sidebar of this blog. This chatbox is from After you sign up just follow the 3 easy steps and copy the HTML code to paste it to the sidebar of your blog. It's great fun!

Using animated gifs Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • It's very important to make your blog attractive and pleasant to see and this is a tool I've found recently. You can find many animated gifs in . The blackboard drawing is just an example. Go to photobucket and search for an image by typing a theme or writing animated gifs. Click in the centre of the image you like and wait for another page to open. To the right of the picture you'll see the HTML tag. Click on it and it will be immediately copied. Go back to your post and paste the code wherever you want. Publish it and check to see how it looks.

Adding MP3 audio recordings

  • Record dialogues or messages using your MP3 (the file will have a .wav extension)

  • Insert your MP3 player into the USB drive.

  • Go to to convert your audio file from .wav to .mp3. The converted file will be sent to your e-mail and you should save it to your computer or to your pendrive.

  • Go to and sign up to become a member (free). Now, click on UPLOAD, roll down the page until you see SELECT FILES. Select the audio you want to download and wait a while(You need this step to have your audio file hosted in the internet). Click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD and then click on the label FILES. Select your file and then on the SELECTED FILE ACTIONS, you should choose GENERATE URL OR IML TAG. Click on direct URL, copy the code.

  • To have a miniconsole with the audio you need the following code.


  • Copy the code and insert your audio URL between the inverted commas. Paste the complete code to a post in your blog and hopefully you´ll have a miniconsole with your recorded audio. Here is an example of a dialogue roleplayed by beginner students.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Ana Maria
What a great idea to help other teachers build their own blogs! Way to go! By the way, I met two wonderful teachers that work with you at the Casa Thomas Jefferson seminar in Brasília! Hugs

Ana Maria said...

Hello Erika,
yes, I told Ellen and Gysely to look for you. It´s great that you liked the blog.

Margrit Tyrrell said...

Hello Ana Maria
Thanks for sharing this blog workshop with us beginners. I am a teacher of mainly adult students of English in Switzerland and with your help creating a blog for my students.

Ana Maria said...

Dear Margrit,

I´m very happy this blog can be of help. You can also find other ideas in my personal blog:
Any question, just leave us a word.
Ana Maria

Silvana said...

Dear Ana María,
I found your blog reaaly useful. I already have my own blogs for myself and for different teaching purposes but yours is full of ideas on how to make them more appealing.


Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear Ana Maria,

your blog is very useful and informative for everyone who would like to create blogs. Thanks a million for great job which is very helpful for bloggers. You always have great ideas.

Lots of love,

marta said...

Ana Maria muito obrigada, pela paciencia e pela dedicação !!!

Salaheddine said...

Hello Ana Maria
Great and useful tutorials. Thanks a lot. We created an ICT Special Interest Group this school year and each of us is working on a specific area related to ICT for ELT. I'm currently working on Blogs in ELT. Your blog is of great help since I'm still a newbie. Great job!

mbi said...

Hola, Ana Maria:

You are on my blog feed, and I was intrigued by your latest post. I am bookmarking this blog so I can share it with other friends and teachers who are just getting started. It will also help me to figure out all the things I haven't yet mastered from last year's Blogging4Educators as I start blogging again. (Nothing like an EVO session to get me active again on the web.)

Thanks for all that you do! Alison Miyake

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

good one! i just brought even more bran-new emo backgrounds for my blog

Anonymous said...

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